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Weirton Millsop Community Center

Video Game Tournaments Soon?

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Would You Play for Prizes?
Playstation 3 or X-Box 360?

   The staff at the Millsop Community Center would like to hear from you.


   Would you be interested and participate in regular monthly video game tournaments at the Millsop Community Center?


   If there is enough interest and pre-registration, video game tournaments using either PlayStation 3 or X-Box 360 could become a reality soon.


   Imagine game tournaments like Madden 12, NBA 2K12 or Call to Duty could be happening right here in your neighborhood.


   The tournaments would be set up in two divisions -- Rookie (Under 13) and Pro (13-Adult). A limited set number of participants would be announced for each single-elimination event with a buy-back option available to those who lost that would like one more chance at winning.


   The anticipated entry fee for the tournaments would be $20-per entry (Pro) and $10-per entry (Rookie). The one-time buy-back option would be $30 (Pro) and $15 (Rookie).


   Organizers said a cash prize would be offered to the first and second place winners in the Pro Division with third and fourth place finishers also receiving an award.


   Prizes would also be given to the Top 4 finishers in the separate Rookie Division games.


   Please take a minute to fill out the questionaire below and send us your feedback.


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Would You Pay & Play?
Playstation 3 or X-Box 360?
What Games Would You Like to Play?

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